Friday, March 12, 2010

Floral Decay


This may seem like a funny title for spring, but as I was doing garden bed cleanup I ran across some old hydrangea blooms from last year. They have decayed in such as way as to leave intricate lace pedals. I decided to pick up a couple and shoot some images.


I put various parts in a clamp to hold them in place and set up dried hydrangea blooms in the background for color (with a light green cloth behind them) – seemed appropriate. It was not real easy to create compositions that worked. Generally very selective focus was necessary to separate out the intricate details of one part versus another. I used a Nikon 105 micro lens. The last image required the addition of a Nikon 5T closeup lens.


In post processing I leaned toward high keying the images to go with the light delicate nature of the subject. I also enhanced the selective focus or added blur vignettes if needed.

Blog_20100310_1-5Which image do people like best?