Sunday, May 16, 2010


Bridge of Tranquility

In my time as a photographer, I have not attended a “photography workshop”; I have read a lot of books, watched videos,  taken colleges courses and attended online classes.  On top of that has just been a lot of hands on experience.

So why am I going to a workshop at this point? Well in this case the first reason is a chance to get hands on time with one of my favorite photographers, Tony Sweet. If you have never looked at has work, take time to peruse his blogs or website,  A second reason to go is to see how a workshop is run. I am teaching students now days and may want to run a workshop of my own in time.

I will be at this workshop for most of the week so I don’t know if I will get in another blog entry in during the workshop. I suspect I will be busy processing and shooting images. I will let you know how the workshop goes.

Blog Image: A tranquil scene of a trestle over calm water. The strong horizontal lines in the water is what caught my eye. This image has basically just been converted to B&W in Lightroom 2.