Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Just Say No?


Do you find it hard to resist shooting a subject even when all the conditions are "wrong"? Bright sun, wind, wrong lens, wrong camera, etc. I do. While this can force you to be creative in your handling of the subject and sometimes that works. Most of the time it may just be best  to come back and shoot later when conditions are more favorable. Now I know this may create some arguments, but the reality is we only have so much time and isn't it better to invest your time when the odds of getting strong images are most favorable. I am not talking about being a fair weather photographer - I personally would view inclement conditions as generally favorable. But there are times like Sunday when the sun was just plain harsh, I accidently forgot one of my camera's with my mid-range zoon, my wide angle was in the shop and the wind was blowing. Not exactly prime conditions to shoot images of lavender with a macro or long lens. Did I try to shoot? Yes. Should have I, I don't think it was a good use of my time. I did do some multi-exposures, swipes and long exposures (multiple seconds with my Vari-ND), but nothing really came out strong because the light was just inappropriate for the subject. Was it a good exercise? Maybe. What are you thoughts on this? Are you driven to shoot when you know it probably won't be worthwhile?

Blog_20100712_1-2 Blog image: I did try to shoot some classic lavender images with my long lens. A cloud did pass over now and then so I waited for one, upped the ISO and waited for lulls in the wind. The image was still very flat and unsaturated (RAW image on left). In post processing I adjusted the white balance, added saturation, contrast and then applied the Orton filter effect which is good on low contrast images.