Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Exploring Where You Are


With my temporary relocation to California, I ended up in the heart of Silicon Valley. An area covered with hundreds of buildings and myriads of industrial parks. While I used weekends to explore areas outside of the valley, I also captured images within.

One of the first things I noticed in my immediate surroundings were all the various textures and stone work on many of the buildings. There was also a wide variety of trees around the buildings (some not native to the NW). As a result I started collecting images of the unique textures and those textures juxtaposed with the trees. Will this become a new body of work in time? Maybe.


Challenge yourself to see the common threads in the area you live. What characteristics make your area unique?  - ones that identify where you are. Look at the flora, trees, buildings, homes, sky, land, industry, etc. This is typically easier when you first arrive in a new area so it will take some effort to put on new eyes where you live. Is there a body of work you could create or put together unique to your area?