Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Tree

Yesterday, thanks to my wife's good memory I was able to revisit a tree that we had seen over 2 years ago. We were cutting our Christmas tree at a tree farm per or annual tradition. I had my handy Canon SD700 at that time and was able to get a decent shot of the tree. I always wanted to go back some time and get a higher quality shot, but never got around to it. So yesterday, I went back as the sun was rising and took quite a few images. I have included three here. Most of the time I was there, clouds were obscuring the sun giving a nice soft light. I took a series of shots on the tripod to generate an HDR image with a little bit of a surrealistic edge - this is the first image. I then took several different shots of portions of the tree, etc. And as often happens as I was about to pack up, the sun broke through and just lit up the ground behind the tree and a nice perimeter around the tips of the branches - this is the second image. Based on the previous nights review of Freeman Patterson's "Photography for the Joy of It", I took the third image. A double exposure of the side limbs. I tried several different alignments of the two images. This creates the dark portions of the image. I used the camera's built in image overlay to create this in camera.