Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Revisiting old images

As part of my continuing skill improvement I am taking another BetterPhoto course. This time from William Neil. As I was preparing my initial photographs for review I went back to a set of images I took at Glacier NP this past year. As I was going over the images, I found the ones that hadn't really captured my attention in the past. There are probably several reasons for this. One, I can look at them with fresh eyes and two, I can now better visualize them with some additional post processing and/or a different treatment all together. The first example shows a color version of a storm rolling in at Glacier. It is pretty much in its RAW form with only standard settings. Clearly I exposed this image for the bright highlight in the sky. After some processing in Lightroom (burning in the sky highlight and dodging the mountain plus sepia toning) the image ended up feeling much more powerful and conveys the ominous feeling I felt at the time. There are several more images from Glacier I will be revisiting. They should be showing up on my website down the road.
Conclusion: It pays to revisit older images with new eyes.