Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Good Enough

Probably the biggest question we all struggle with when contemplating a career in photography is, "Am I good enough?". While this question is important and we should all be working to improve our work, both technically and creatively, the bigger question is whether we have the gumption to get out there and market our work. As I have been taking classes with different photographers I have been critiquing there work, sales channels and markets. While some photographers work is unique and spectacular other's work is just solid, but they all seem to be able to make a living. How good a living I can't know. While some skill level must be attained, the key is getting out there and trying to sell your work. This is what I must do in the coming months. My success or lack of it will in the end answer the initial question, "Am I good enough?".

Image: I had noticed a week or two ago that the local buffalo farm looks pretty good at sunrise on a foggy morning - at other times of the day the setting along the highway is just not that picturesque. So a couple days ago I noticed the conditions were right and drove by the farm. This is my favorite image. Notice the buffalo cooperated and formed a nice repition of three into the fog.