Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Mansion

Recently I had the privilege of getting access to the Pittock Mansion in Portland OR for a photographer only shoot. Normally you can't even take pictures in there. I went as part of a class from NewSpace. Going in I decided that I would shoot primarily HDR images and process them for an antiqued look or B&W. I have included two of the "antique" processed images here, but I was able to take several in the limited time we had. They will be showing up on my website shortly in their own gallery. Personally I am having a hard time deciding which post processing I like best: antiqued, sepia or B&W.

The details: The HDR images shown here required 7-9 1stop exposures at f22 (some for several seconds). The RAW files were loaded into Lightroom 2.0 and then processed in Photomatrix Pro. After that some Photoshop CS3 warp correction (for the wide angle lens and perspective angle) and slight cropping. Finally, the antiquing and final adjustments were done in Lightroom.