Sunday, February 15, 2009

Covered Bridges

I am delinquent in adding another entry - busy week. But before the week started my wife and I took a Saturday to visit some of the 50 covered bridges left of Oregon's previous 450. It was suppose to be a nice sunny day, but in general it was a very bleak gray day. Given it was winter with little color to start with I assumed that I would go B&W for the photos. It also seemed appropriate given the old bridges. My big goal was to get a nice HDR image of the inside of a bare wood interior. Well this last point was hard to get - most bridges were white on the inside. But as you will see I did achieve my goal at the last of the bridges. And as luck would have it the sun just broke through and added a nice golden glow. In the end I didn't go with straight B&W but with desaturated or selectively desaturated images. They were all done with HDR in order to get good detail and get some definition in the sky.