Thursday, December 3, 2009

A door closes

Well fall is pretty much out of here and there is very little in the way of leaves on any trees (but a few hang on). At this same time I am wrapping up my work on a Portfolio Development class with William Neill. It has been good and forced me to really focus on shooting for specific themes. Focusing on a theme forces you to think hard about ways to vary and add depth your portfolio:

  1. Different lighting.
  2. Different perspectives or lenses.
  3. Different ways of expanding the theme outside of your initial thinking.
  4. Variation of colors.
  5. Variation of the subject overtime.

While varying all of these there still needs to be a consistent style and vision behind the portfolio - not always easy.

I have included with this blog three more images I have added to my tapestry theme. Believe me at times I couldn't think of any more ways to expand it, but I made myself go out and see what I could find. Sometimes I had to shoot and reshoot the same subject multiple times to get something the fit my vision of the theme. Other times I had to work on the post-processing to get the image I envisioned (the oak leaf image for example). Now and then a new creative perspective would result (like the closing door image at the start of blog).