Monday, December 7, 2009

An HDR Christmas

HDR (High Dynamic Range photography) can make for some wonderful Christmas images. It lets you capture more of that magic light and and detail. I have included a couple images here for inspiration. I have gone with double processing in Photomatix to get that illustrative look (or also known as grunge look). This is the case for the first two images. As with all my HDR images, some additional processing is needed using Photoshop and some NikSoft (ColorEfx Pro) tools. In these images, some contrast was added, dodging or burning used to highlight some features and finally some color correction to get the look I wanted.
The Christmas tree lot image is a traditional multiple exposure HDR shot that has been double processed through Photomatix and with similar post processing in Photoshop, etc.

Just another way to capture some of the Christmas magic in your images.
What are some cool techniques you have found for capturing the magic of Christmas?