Thursday, April 1, 2010

Morning Light


I got up early this morning to photograph the plum orchards I found last year (see my blog last year about this time). While the sunrise didn’t  shape up to what I had envisioned, I did get a couple good orchard images that I may share in a later blog. Reminding myself not be to fixated on my initial goal, I set out to see what else the morning light and fog was doing. While looking around I came cross the images you see here. I am quite pleased with all of them. The lead image was behind me when I was shooting the second image (always pays to turn around).


Just before I got home, I stopped by the neighborhood entrance and walked around. That is where I spotted the third image.


One last image I came across along the road. All in all a successful morning. Just remember to be flexible and go with the flow. Not something that comes all that natural to some of us (like me).


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