Saturday, April 3, 2010

Return to the Orchards


As I mentioned in my last blog entry I did get sometime to visit the plum orchards that I discovered last year. I have included a few orchard images from there plus one from an adjacent filbert orchard (no blooms). As you can tell I have chosen to post process these images in a variety of ways.

The first image is a vertical format take on a shot I did last year. Unlike last year there has not been good sunrise light so I went with a bit more of a muted image. It is a swipe (~1/4 sec).


Panoramic formats aren’t so great for the blog but if you double click on them you should be able to get a better look. The second images is composed of two shots stitched together using Photoshop. It was then processed with Topaz adjust to create the pencil sketch look.



The third image is a mirrored shot processed with SilverEfx Pro and then a negative vignette added using ColorEfx pro.


Using a technique from Freeman Patterson, I created the forth image by overlaying two images. One that was very sharp but overexposed by nearly 2 stops to capture only the form of the trees, the second was an out of focus image shot at a “correct” exposure level. Strong morning sidelight created the oblique lines.


The last images was converted to a strong B&W using SilverEfx Pro and then mirrored in Photoshop.