Monday, February 15, 2010

In Anticipation of Spring

Blog_20100215_1 While I was waiting for the rain to stop yesterday, I decided to do an indoor shoot of some tulips - ones that I bought for my wife earlier in the week. While you might think I used all kinds of software for these special effects, these were all created in camera using technique and props. The only Photoshop usage was for the usual tonal/contrast adjustments, touch up (dust), etc. No paint programs, Topaz, Photomatix, etc.Blog_20100215_3Part of my purpose in creating these images was to encourage those of you who may not have the latest greatest photo processing software. Don’t say “someday when I have such and such”, but use your imagination today and the tools you have. Blog_20100215_2Now I am going to do something different here and let you use your imagination to guess what techniques I applied to create these images. Submit your ideas using the blog comment feature. I will tell all in a few days. Blog_20100215_5


Hint: Some images did take advantage of the in camera overlay capabilities of my Nikon D300 (a D80 can do this as well). But if your camera can’t do that you can use layers in a low cost program like Photoshop Elements.