Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Working It in HDR – The Truck

Blog_20100207_1-2 Well I finally got out to do a little shooting this past weekend. The main subject I came across was an old dilapidated truck. Great subject for some nitty-gritty HDR images. While there were other vehicles, I choose to really work this vehicle. I have included three of the images here in the blog. As usual these have all been processed in Photomatix (grunge look) and processed further in Photoshop using Nik Software pluggins. The top blog image is a bit different in that it is composed of a multiply blend of a high structure BW image (ala SilvreEfx Pro) and the color image – gives it a real gritty look. Also note that I chose to break a rule and let the horizon line in the background be tilted. Keeping the background out of focus made this less of an issue so I could add the dynamic tilt to the truck.

Which one do you like best?