Saturday, February 13, 2010

Night Lights


As I continue to write in my blog, you can find images any where. In this case I was sitting in a parking lot getting a quick bite to eat after work before heading to another engagement. As night came on I first noticed how the texture in pine tree bark outside my windshield was being highlighted by oblique lighting. After shooting bark for a while I started playing with pans and swipes of the bare deciduous trees.

On a separate night in the parking lot waiting for a movie with my wife we both noticed how the trees were illuminated  in the fog by the parking lot lamps. In addition, a full moon was shining through the fog (but no detail).  This is the lead blog image.

So when the day is done, get out that camera and have some fun.



About the  images: all these images required relatively long exposures (1 to 15 seconds at ISO 800) and were shot on a tripod as required (not for swipes). The unique colorations are due to the different light sources (I only partially adjusted the white balance). The camera’s noise reduction for long exposures was also turned on.